January 25, 2009


Hmmm, the point of starting this blog was to try to stop the dayjob from sapping every creative urge I might or might not have if I wasn't thinking about other people's crap all day. This week it failed miserable (or spectacularly - whichever of those seems more dramatic).

I'm trying to remedy things a bit by at least getting some sewing done, so yesterday I cut out two dress patterns and they're ready to start on as soon as our brunch guests depart. (Note to self: brunch is a stupid meal to have people over for - not ony do you have to wake up ridiculously early to clean the house because the ginger dustbunnies are EVERYWHERE, but you also don't get to eat until very late morning, which for someone who wakes up hungry every day is not a happy thing.)

One thing I did accomplish this week was to finish the first in a pair of socks knitted from the toe up. I'm not sold on the technique. For one thing, short row heels are far more complicated than in a cuff down pattern, and they don't seem nearly as sturdy. Plus, there aren't any decreases along the sides of the foot, so it's not very fitted. I'll finish the second one but I think I'll be sticking to the good old cuff downs in future, even if it does mean having to follow the kitchener stitch diagram every time I cast off a toe.

No sign of the bunny this week.

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