February 4, 2009

Timewasting with the tailor of a cat

I was supposed to be spending this afternoon doing some kind of plotting for the Second Book, which I've recently been told is due next May (which seems a long way away and scarily close all at the same time, so I figure I'd better get off my bum and start writing). But of course as soon as you (I) decide that a task must be completed it is the subconcious's cue to procrastinate. And there's nothing like the interweb to allow you to spend two hours avoiding what really has to be done. (The interweb is my enabler, I tells you.)

In my nostalgic travels through my favourites list today I:
  • remembered how much I lovelovelove Cat Prin, the tailor of a cat. Not only for its earnest Engrish ('it is fact which will become dearer than former if a cat has clothes on' - er yes, sure) and photos of pissed off cats dressed as frogs, rabbits and Anne of Green Gables, but also because the site acknowledges that cats hate being dressed up and every outfit comes with the resassurance that velcro closures mean you can get the outfits on and off FAST, before your cat shreds you, just as you have shredded its dignity.
  • wished that Tavi had been around to offer me fashion advice when I had enough time to go op shopping but came home time and time again with nothing but nasty polyester Osti shirtdresses in size 20.
  • felt even more guilty about procrastinating when I could be contributing to Handmade Help (hopefully this guilt will propel me into action soon - am thinking my scarf knitting skills could be put to goood use with the cooler weather only a couple of months away).

And now I really have to get plotting.

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