March 9, 2009

Ho hum

It's been a bit of a shite time lately, topped off yesterday when I finally sat down to do some writing and discovered half of chapter 1 has become corrupted on my usb stick and is not recoverable. In a way I know it''s probably for the best - the first draft is rarely the best, it was only half a chapter, and I can't say there was anything so amazing about it that I have lost a snippet of genius. But it is a pain and it puts me even further back in my progress, which has been pathetic to start with. Ho hum.

One good thing that happened last week was that I finally got around to reading Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell. Fantastic book. She just nails her characters so well. I read a review in The Age when the book first came out that said something along the lines of EB being a book for drug-taking adolescent scrags, to which I can only say the reviewer either grew up at a place like Spirit Ranch or was never a teenager themself. Howell's tremendous skill, to me, is showing how normal it is for young peole to be getting drunk, taking drugs and having sex, without those things becoming the focus of the book. It's a subtlety I hope to master myself some day.

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