June 8, 2009

Every day is like Sunday

It's been so long between posts that I was tempted to delete everything to cover the trail of my blogging failure and start afresh.

It's not that anything terribly exciting's been keeping me away, either. In fact, quite the opposite: life has been so ho-hum that there hasn't really been anything worth writing about. But if I keep waiting for the excitement to happen I'll possibly never write another word again, so, for a little while at least, this blog will be a celebration of mundanity.

Unexciting things I've enjoyed lately:
  • Mr Fantapants's pumpkin scones
  • seeing photos of paintings from a friend's upcoming exhibition
  • knitting little jumpers and cardigans for small people I know (so quick, esp. w/ a chunkier yarn - almost instant gratification!)
  • snuggling up in front of the toasty heater on cold nights
  • getting back to the book (actually, that's been a little bit exciting).

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