July 15, 2009

Home remedies

As I write this I am sitting with a cotton pad doused in hydrogen peroxide bandaid-ed to my top lip (take a moment to picture it, guffaw, move on) in a desparate attempt to kill the cold sore that started appearing yesterday.

Having already had what I consider to be my annual coldie in New York (and it having been so big'n'bad'n'nasty that even a pharmacist felt sorry for me, I a) really wasn't expecting another one, especially so soon and b) am mightily pissed off!

Having suffered (and I do mean suffered) with way-worse-than-average cold sores since I was sixteen (curse you first-ever boyfriend who told me that the blister on his lips was from licking the salt off the rims of cocktail glasses), I know that there is no way to get rid of a sore overnight; that it must develop, burst and scab (I do hope you're not reading this over lunch) before it begins to heal; that there is no point making it feel more important than it is (all hail King Coldie).

But I still spent over an hour this morning searching for a cure. And I'm still hopeful/gullible/desparate enough to try some of the more promising sounding ones. Of course, some of these 'remedies' were just plain bodgy, ergo, I will not be:

  • rubbing earwax on it
  • rubbing the oil from behind my ears (ears!) on it
  • soaking it in urine
  • rubbing it with salt until the entire blister has been rubbed off (along with about 10 layers of skin, I suspect).
That said, I am:
  • putting ice on it
  • soaking it in hydrogen peroxide
  • soothing it with a cammomile teabag
  • tempted to try putting a paste of garlic on it.

Of course, getting rid of the coldie is now a full time job. Thank god it's my day off work.

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