July 6, 2009

Now I'm really a Victorian

Today I gave up my last vestige of NSW-ness and finally got a Victorian driver's licence. The photo is, of course, hideous, but I reckon in 10 years' time I'll look at it and think I look young and carefree, rather than unstylish and disheveled. There was nothing behind the 3-year wait to make the switch except my own cheapskatery. The upside of being a non-driver with a licence is that as a reward for not having any demerit points (hard to rack up if you don't drive), I got a 10-year licence for $119. Double bargain!

Today is also my first work-free Monday. Yay! I had planned to work Very Hard on Book 2 today, but I'm only just getting back into it after neglecting it for a few months, and looking at it afresh is making me reconsider the plot that I thought was finalised...ho hum and chiz.

In other news, I've been:
  • reading: How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier - the first book I've read by JL, purchased on a training trip to Bairnsdale, decision to pay full price based on how much I enjoy her blog. HTDYF is a rollicking good read, despite the fact that Charlie, the protagonist, is a sports nerd (and a cricket nerd, at that). At first I found it jarring that JL made up a slang for the world she created in New Avalon, but in the days since I finished reading it I've caught myself thinking 'shut up, doxhead' and wanting to tell Mr F he looks 'vastly pulchy'...
  • eating: far too much good Spanish food, in the name of research (not mine).
  • watching: roller derby - I still don't understand the rules, but for sport it's highly entertaining (and unlike AFL matches, they sell full-strength beer).
  • making: small knitted things for imminent new arrivals in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • planning: a lasagna garden for the front yard so that Mr F and I can live out our Good Life fantasies come spring (I'll play Felicity Kendall, natch).

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