August 3, 2009

Grumpy old woman rant of the week

I've been thinking quite a lot about the Kyle Sandilands/Jackie O lie detector debacle last week, and the more I think the angrier I get. Not only with KS, who is a known tosspot, and his 'don't be mean about me, I'm the nice one' sidekick, but also about the show's producers, who surely must have some say in the program's 'stunts', and the radio station management that endorses public humiliation of young people as entertainment.

According to this morning's news, the Kyle and Jackie O show has been suspended indefinitely. Not because someone at Austereo came to their senses and realised that it had gone too far and should be terminated, but because poor, sensitive Kyle is 'unable to perform his on-air duties at this time'. My heart bleeds.

It will be interesting to see whether Channel 10 allows someone with such blatant disrespect for young people, and disregard for their wellbeing, continue to front Australian Idol. If they do, I hope Australia's youth vote with their viewing figures and switch off in droves.

/end grumpy old woman rant of the week

Inbetween being angry, this week I've also:

  • finished reading City of Glass, the final instalment of the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare (yay for non-shiny vampires, werewolves and kickass shadowhunters with sexy scars)
  • sewn cushion covers for the couch with fabfric leftover from making the wardrobe curtain
  • cut out the fabric to make Lotta Jansdotter's everyday tote
  • finished knitting the little-hat-that-was-meant-to-be-a-cloche-but-ended-up-being-a-bit-too-floppy, but oh well it's quite cute anyway
  • watched season 3 of The Mighty Boosh (and have had Bouncy Bouncy stuck in my head ever since).

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