August 17, 2009

Review: Love is a Many Trousered Thing, Louise Rennison

LIAMTT is the 8th in Rennie's hugely successul Georgia Nicholson series (a series that seems to be heading for completion at book #10, if the plot progression towards what must be its natural conclusion is anything to go by).

I enjoyed LIAMTT, but I agree with many of the reviews on Goodreads that Georgia's diaries are getting to be a bit like reading the same book again and again. Not that that book's not funny enough to keep your attention for a few hours, but there is a certain ho hum-ness to the neverending Viking jokes, nunga nunga references and G's complete inability to see what's right under her nose. I'd also agree that while Georgia's self obsession can be vair vair amusant, it makes her hard to like at times (okay, almost all of the time), and impossible for me to feel any sympathy for her, and I do wonder why her 'best friend' Jas still hangs around her after so many years of being used and abused. That said, reading LIAMTT was a bit like catching up with an old friend after many years and slipping easily back into each other's company - very comfortable.

One thing I really admire about Rennison as a YA writer is that she doesn't shy away from her characters' (especially her female characters) sexual urges (aka red bottomosity and having the horn). Rennison treats horniness as a normal part of being a teenager, as it should be. (What's not so normal to me is that 8 books on the Ace gang are still only acting on these urges to the point of a long term boyfriend sticking his hand up their top, but I guess for mass market appeal/exposure lines must be drawn.)

Other things I love about this series are:

  • Georgia's psychotic but very loving little sister, Libby
  • Georgia's mutti and vati's adeptness at not buying into her self obsession
  • erlack, ditherspazz, nervy b and other great Georgia-isms that sneak into my vocabulary.

And even though I can already take a pretty solid guess at what's going to happen in book 9 (more Viking love traditions, another silly disco dance, a couple of Stiff Dylans gigs, and of course much dithering about whether to follow her heart), I know that I'll read it as soon as I can get my hands on a copy, and it'll make me laugh my pantaloonies off.

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