September 21, 2009

What she saw: An Education

Yesterday Mr Fantapants and I went to a preview of An Education (read the IMDB synopsis if you want one, I won't repeat it here). Having won the tickets online, I didn't kow anything about it other than that it was set in London in 1961 and the screenplay was written by Nick Hornby. Reason enough to go, in my books. (That and my innate cheapness - I'll see/read/eat pretty much anything if it's free.)
It didn't disappoint, in fact I loved it. Partly because I'm a sucker for London in the sixties, partly because of the excellent cast (hello, Peter Saarsgard, I'm beginning to see the attraction to you), partly because I lurve a coming-of-age story, and largely because of Hornby's excellent script. (Although how much credit for that should go to Lynn Barber, on whose memoir the script is based, I'm not sure.)
I loved the way the film captured the feeling of being 16 and feeling torn between doing the sensible thing and following your yearning for a life less ordinary, and also the way we justify making decisions that we don't feel quite right about.
All up, a highly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. Am going to see if I can track down Lynn Barber's book to see how true the script was to her experience.

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