November 23, 2009

Too much yarn, too little time

I know that I'm insanely lucky to a) have a contract to write a second book (how awesome is Walker Books Australia for having faith in new authors?!) and b) work for an organisation that respects this work/life balance bizzo enough to let me purchase a day a week to write said second book.

But there is a downside. Any spare time I have, I feel like I should spend writing (ahem, not least because I'm only halfway through the first draft and it's due in May), which means there's not much time left for sewing or knitting or making things in general. Unfortunately, my evil, craft-stash obsessed alter ego is in denial about this fact and keeps purchasing more yarn and more fabric and downloading more patterns for ridonkulously cute things to make. Which means I'm surrounded by teetering piles of lovely, lovely stuff, all calling me ('Aimee, Aimee, I could be that perfectly fitting, unbelievably flattering dress you've spent five years looking for but never found in the shops', etc, etc).

Which doesn't help my procrastination alter ego (the one that reckons writing day should start with a blog entry, rather than facing chapter 12 and a half). It's gotten so bad that on writing days I have to work on my laptop in the kitchen, because the PC is in the room with all the craft supplies (and it's hooked up to the interwebs, which leads to all sorts of 'I'll just see if someone's uploaded a tutorial for how to make the perfect dress' timewasting). And the fact that I've wasted thirty minutes writing this entry (5 mins actual writing, 25 mins browsing craft sites on the cunning pretext that I should provide examples of the projects I'm delaying), is exactly why I'm pulling the plug and going offline NOW.

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  1. It's excellent to hear the second book is coming along!