December 14, 2009

Why Up brought me down

On Saturday night Mr Fantapants and I did something we've never done before: we watched a movie on the laptop. In bed. Quite a novelty (and yes, this is a sign that we do need more novelty in our lives!).

The movie was Up, lent to us by one of Mr F's colleagues. I remembered hearing at the time it was showing in cinemas that it was a little sad in places, but I figured that was just in comparison to other animated movies, of the all-happy all-the-time mould.

Well, the reviews were right and I was wrong. Not that it wasn't a good movie (although it won't make my top 10 for the year), but there were so many sad elements to it:
  • the old man struggling with his loneliness after his wife's death
  • the fact that they couldn't ahve the children they dreamed of in the clouds
  • the little boy whose dad doesn't have time for him
  • the explorer driven mad because he's been accused of lying about his discovery
  • the dog bullied by his pack...
...I'm emotionally exhausted again just thinking about it. And even though there were some funny moments, and even though I loved Doug the dog and the little kid was cute and the old guy looked a bit like Mr F's dad, and even though the ending was nominally happy, on the whole it was a downer.

Luckily on Saturday I scored a bumper crop of books at the library, including the last in the Georgia Nicholson series, Are these my basoomas I see before me, which provided great antidote bedtime reading. Phew!

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