February 21, 2010

What she did this week

This week I:
  • read Asta in the Wings by Jan Elizabeth Watson and The Good Daughter by Amra Pajalic
  • made chard and mushroom dumplings and prawn and chive dumplings - surprisingly easy and much tastier than the ones we usually buy at the supermarket that seem to be 99% cabbage. I foresee a lot of dumplings chez Fantapants this winter!
  • made orange and yellow felted-flower hairclips with a 5-year-old friend
  • started knitting a lengthways scarf, inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl's.

Finding Freia Lockhart – reviews from the blogosphere

Confession: I am a leetle beet addicted to reading blogs. At last count I was subscribed to over 120 of them, ranging from authors to reviewers to crafters to activists to IT boffins (for my day job).

I love blog book reviews because I know that if one of the bloggers I follow recommends a book and I've enjoyed their recommendations in the past, I'm likely to again. Ditto, if they've found a book less than inspiring, I probably won't rush to read it. (In rare cases where bloggers whose taste I trust differ in opinion on the same book, I'll usually read it sraight away, intrigued to see which opion I agree with.)

So, imagine how thrilled I was to find reviews for Finding Freia at Been There Read That and Lowly's Book Blog? (Answer: gobsmackingly thrilled!)

February 19, 2010


Am officially in love with my brand new shoes, a gift from a very generous friend. They are yellow (the best colour for shoes) and they have a gorgeous doily print on them. And they make me 3 inches taller.

Look how cute they are.

Shoes by Human

Every time I look at my feet they make me smile.

February 14, 2010

What she did this week

This week I:
  • read Planet Janet by Dyan Sheldon and Winter of Grace by Kate Constable
  • started Asta in the Wings by Jan Elizabeth Watson
  • ate handmade noodles at Noodle Kingdom in Preston
  • watched Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and realised it wasn't nearly as good as I'd thought it was when I was 10 (does anyone else think Fred Astaire looks like an elderly Iggy Pop? Disturbing.)
  • knitted more small things for the stream of small, new people my friends are bringing into the world
  • started knitting lairy pink mohair legwarmers in preparation for spending winter chez Fantapants
  • potted the vegies I grew from seed, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and leeks. Not getting my hopes up too high about how many of them will make it to the stage of moving from pots to the actual garden. Fingers crossed...

February 12, 2010

It's a real live launch!

The fabulous Sun Bookshop is hosting the official launch of Finding freia Lockhart, at the Sun Theatre from 2pm on Saturday 6 March.

I can't think of anyone I'd be more thrilled to launch with than the Sun - not only is it my local independent bookstore, it has an entire shop - The Younger Sun - devoted to YA and children's books (and the best YA selection in Melbourne).

February 8, 2010

Hats off to Tavi

Why fashion journalists don't like Tavi-Style-Rookie (IMHO):
  • she writes better and more astutely about fashion/style/design than they do
  • designers give her presents
  • she gets better seats at fashion shows than they do
  • she's 13.
I'm not sure whether it's the first point that makes them feel most threatened or the last one, but I think this 'backlash' is nothing but jealousy and the sourest of grapes, and the root of it is precisely why I'd rather read coverage of fashion shows etc. on Style Rookie than fork out for fash mags.

Anyway, putting aside my Team Tavi flag for a moment, Tavi's response to the latest hoo-ha brought up something that seems to happen on a lot of blogs, namely that a blog owner relates an incident/thought/opinion and the whole world feels entitled to put in their two cents' worth.

Luckily no one reads this blog, so I don't have that pesky problem, but as a blog reader I reckon the rules are clear: if the author poses a question, your response is invited. If not, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Don't you agree?

February 1, 2010

Today's the day

It's 1 February - the official publication date of Finding Freia Lockhart! It's been such a long time coming (the first draft of Freia was completed in May 2007), and now that it's here I still can't quite believe it (even with the photographic evidence to prove it).

It's hard to describe how I feel about being a published 'author' without using some fairly cliched phrases, along the lines of 'dream come true', 'somebody pinch me' and 'OMG!'. The support and good wishes I've received from friends (thank you Facebook, I finally see a point to you) has been amazing. Today I feel like a very lucky girl indeed.

PS Happy 13th anniversay, Mr Fantapants!