February 21, 2010

Finding Freia Lockhart – reviews from the blogosphere

Confession: I am a leetle beet addicted to reading blogs. At last count I was subscribed to over 120 of them, ranging from authors to reviewers to crafters to activists to IT boffins (for my day job).

I love blog book reviews because I know that if one of the bloggers I follow recommends a book and I've enjoyed their recommendations in the past, I'm likely to again. Ditto, if they've found a book less than inspiring, I probably won't rush to read it. (In rare cases where bloggers whose taste I trust differ in opinion on the same book, I'll usually read it sraight away, intrigued to see which opion I agree with.)

So, imagine how thrilled I was to find reviews for Finding Freia at Been There Read That and Lowly's Book Blog? (Answer: gobsmackingly thrilled!)


  1. i don't actually think i praised freia enough in my 'review' - i also want to say that i think it was funny, edgy, i loved the funky girl in the library. i think i read it too fast and now when i think back on it i realise how good it actually was. this happened to me with amra pajalic's good daughter as well. must.take.time.to.reflect!

  2. Thanks for the extra kind words, Kate, although I have to say being mentioned in the same breath as Alibrandi seemed like very high praise to me :)