February 8, 2010

Hats off to Tavi

Why fashion journalists don't like Tavi-Style-Rookie (IMHO):
  • she writes better and more astutely about fashion/style/design than they do
  • designers give her presents
  • she gets better seats at fashion shows than they do
  • she's 13.
I'm not sure whether it's the first point that makes them feel most threatened or the last one, but I think this 'backlash' is nothing but jealousy and the sourest of grapes, and the root of it is precisely why I'd rather read coverage of fashion shows etc. on Style Rookie than fork out for fash mags.

Anyway, putting aside my Team Tavi flag for a moment, Tavi's response to the latest hoo-ha brought up something that seems to happen on a lot of blogs, namely that a blog owner relates an incident/thought/opinion and the whole world feels entitled to put in their two cents' worth.

Luckily no one reads this blog, so I don't have that pesky problem, but as a blog reader I reckon the rules are clear: if the author poses a question, your response is invited. If not, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Don't you agree?


  1. I think if the blog is out there in the public domain, anyone has a right to respond, however, slamming, threatening and insulting someone for their opinion is not ok. The response should reflect a carefully considered argument, thus enabling other readers the oportunity to view an alternate opinion.
    After your book hits the stands, people will flock to your blog I think.

  2. Good points, Miscellaneous. I guess I should have been more specific: I think putting an opinion into the public realm invites discussion, and for most bloggers they want to enagge in tha discussion (and if they don't, they probably have comments disabled so that they always have the fist and last word on the subject). What I object to, is when people feel it's their right to comment on things that are not part of the discussion. For example, if someone posts that they went to Paris fashion week, discuss fashion week not whether the blogger's parents are irresponsible for letting her go...

  3. the trouble with blogging is that those reading forget that there is a real person writing the blog and in all likelyhood sharing their true feelings on subjects important to them. Therefore reading words on a site dehuminizes and gives the person who likes to attack and ridicule the chance to do so without remembering the respect that would happen had this been a face to face discussion..

    Also while I am commenting about commenting on people's blogs, I really need to ask you if you are ok with me reading it? It's very good and I am enjoying it, but it is your space so let me know if I am invading. <3 you.