March 22, 2010

Five faves

Hat-tip to Pip at Meet Me at Mike's.

My five favourite things last week:
  1. This video about why we should feel optimistic about the future of publishing (and reading).
  2. Getting into our little vegie patch and planting peas, cabbages and lettuce. This is our third try with both peas and lettuce; hopefully this lot won't be devoured by birds before it has a chance to establish.
  3. Sitting on the couch (temporarily; the tradies kindly put the floorboards down in the living room on Saturday so that we could use it on the weekend).
  4. Watching (500) Days of Summer (4.1 On the couch. 4.2 With Mr Fantapants.)
  5. Mr Fantapants's homemade pizza (leftovers = this morning's brekkie )

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