March 9, 2010

In a word, lovely

What a weekend! Mr Fantapants and I missed all of the crazy weather on Saturday due to being in the cozy downstairs lobby of the Sun Theatre for the official launch of Finding Freia Lockhart.

While Melbourne was whipped by torrential rain, gale force winds and hail the size of golf balls, I was pacing nervously and sweating quite a bit (which was silly, really, because it was my lovely agent, Sophie, who had to do all the hard work speechmaking and reading a bit from the book and convincing people it was worth parting with their hard earned dosh for).

The lovelylovely Sun Bookshop put on such a nice do for us and lots of my lovely friends came, and also some very lovely people I hadn't met before, which was, there's only on word for it, lovely. Ordinarily, I'd rather lick an armpit than be the centre of attention, but my writer's ego must have emerged on Saturday because I loved every moment. I even enjoyed signing books (ahem, apologies to those who cannot make out what I wrote in their books, I did my best to keep it legible but penmanship has never been my strong point).

I really didn't think the weekend could get any better but then I received a lovely comment from Steph (which wasn't the slightest bit weird or awkward!) letting me know she'd posted a review of Freia on her blog, My Girl Friday. I was supremely chuffed by the review, especially coming from someone who's such an avid YA reader and a writer herself, and even more chuffed (chuffeder?) that Steph made Freia's brownies! And took photos of them!

Thanks everyone, for making this one of my Best Weekends Ever. It was lovely.

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