March 11, 2010


Good news: according to an author quoted in the LA Times, this is the "golden age of young adult literature".  Now if I could just spot more people on my bus reading Markus Zusak than Stephanie Meyer, I might start to believe it...

Bad news: Corey Haim is dead. I was never a fan of the Coreys, but it's a memento mori when teen heartthrobs of your youth start popping off. Still, it may not be all bad news; the reflected attention might just resurrect Corey Feldman's career.

In other not-necessarly-good news, the Great Restumping of 2010 continues. We now have a trough running from the living room to the front door and another running the length of the dining room and kitchen, which Big Orange Cat spends all day cautiously climbing into, running out of and generally eyeing suspiciously. This morning, the corner of the house I'm sitting in is being jacked up. There are cracks appearing in the walls. They make a craaaack-ing noise as they appear. The builder assures me they will not fall down. I want to believe him.

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