March 1, 2010

What she did last week

The biggest thing I did last week was finish my full-time job! Was given a lovely send off by my lovely colleagues (luckily they've already invited me back to do some casual work, otherwise I'd be very sad not to be working with them any more).

Last week I:
  • read When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead (breathtaking and well-deserving of all the awards it's bagged) and Whip It (aka Derby Girl) by Shauna Cross
  • watched Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr Fox, both of which I'm glad to have seen but neither was as good as the book
  • had farewell drinks at Little Peninsula with my lovely workmates
  • finished knitting forget-me-nots for my superlovely teammates and got back to work on the lairy pink legwarmers (it's already chilly chez Fantapants!)
  • had a delicious vego thali at Maharaja's Haveli (583 Barkly St, West Footscray) for vindaloo against violence day
  • went to a university study day for off-campus students...and realised it's been a loooong time since I last wrote an academic essay
  • went to a friend's shoe party (like a Tupperware party but much, much better) and came home with a pair of black patent mary jane heels. Score!
I'm having this week off to prepare for uni/house restumping/the big launch. Am somehow already behind in my schedule...

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