March 15, 2010

What she did last week

It's hard to think what's been happening chez Fantapants other than the ubiquitous restumping, but when I made a list we managed to fit in quite a few outings (although most of them were to avoid sitting amongst the rubble that is our living room at the moment).

Last week I:
  • started uni! And realised just how far removed academic writing is from the plain language I've been espousing in online writing for the past decade or so - it's going to take some getting used to.
  • dropped a uni subject, which feels a bit like failing before I even started, but it inly took me one week's worth of readings (and the fact that both major assignments were due on exactly the same days as the major assignments for my other really damanding subject) to realise that I can't give Origins in Children's Literature the attention it deserves right now. I'm going to stick with the straight literary theory subject this semester and will hopefully be much better equipped to tackle Origins next year. If I stick to three subjects a semester instead of the full study load of four it'll take me an extra semester to finish, but I figure an extra 6 months is not huge and, given the debt I'm racking up, I might as well get all I can out of my subjects.
  • read Burger Wuss by MT Anderson and started Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan.
  • watched Men Who Stare at Goats (not a book well suited to being fictionalised, IMO) and IT Crowd and Peep Show on iView as the telly is covered in a sheet and there's a big hole and an associated pile of floorboards in front of it.
  • saw the Ron Mueck exhibition with friends visiting from Sydders. I was actually really disappointed with the exhibition - there weren't enough works to justify the hype about it being a 'the most comprehensive' exhibition of Mueck's works ever, and while I really like the pieces that played with scale and expression, I found some of the more recent ones a bit bland by comparison.
Apparently the restumping will be finished by the end of the week. Then we can start on the associated to-do list of fixing floors, plastering cracks and rehanging doors that no longer fit properly. Ho hum.

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