April 20, 2010

Writing, renovating, reading

Ack, no blogging for a week even though there are eleventy things on my to-blog list, but the no-interwebs-before-lunch ban is definitely helping Book 2. It seems I really am a morning person, after all!

Of course, the downside of being productive offline is that there's not much oomph left by the time I get online in the afternoon, but I remind myself that it's only a temporary measure...

Inbetween sanding and painting the kitchen (which really is a tiny space for the amount of work/time/trips to Bunnings it's taking), last week I managed to:
  • go to the Wheeler Centre for one of their Debut Mondays events - an excellent (free!) opportunity to hear first-time authors read from their books and then stalk-I mean, chat with them
  • read Loving Richard Feynman by Penny Tangey*, which was brilliant and well-deserving of its Children's Book Council of Australia book of the year nomination
  • finish knitting the second lairy leg warmer (which of course was the weather's cue to bring a heatwave, so it's too hot to even put them on for a photo)
  • see Ross Noble's Melbourne Comedy festival show.
No wonder I'm knackered!

*In the interests of full disclosure, Penny and I share an agent and we've met a few times and I think she's an all-round ace chick. (But I don't think any of that coloured my enjoyment of LRF - it's a seriously excellent book!)

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  1. i'm so glad you loved "loving richard feynman" and no offense to penny but i was starting to think i was the only person who had read it and luuuurved it. obviously not the ONLY person, but it was getting to the point where i was DYING to read someone else's opinion. i love that it is becoming so successful and defo deserves its spot in the shortlist. here's to freia on next year's list!