April 27, 2010

What she did last week

We used the long weekend to get the kitchen into shape, finishing the painting and finally putting all the pots and crockery and food away, after living with it all dumped in green shopping bags dotted around the house for the past few weeks. We still need to finish the finer details and do something about the floor, but for the first time since restumping started we have a proper kitchen again. Yay! 
In between painting and polishing and scrubbing things down with toothbrushes, I:
  • got up in the dark for the Anzac Day dawn service at Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. Being a history nerd with a special interest in World War 1*, Mr F had been to many dawn services in Sydney in the past, but it was his first in Melbourne and a complete first for me.
  • watched Anvil! The story of Anvil and had to keep re-reading the back of the DVD to convince ourselves it wasn’t a mockumentary. If it was fiction, I think we would have been able to enjoy it more, but knowing that these poor guys actually went through the cancelled gigs, tiny audiences and record company rejections was a bit heartbreaking
  • read The Boyfriend List by E Lockhart (faboo, I can’t wait to get started on the Boy Book, which is also in my to-read pile)
  • started reading Surfache by Gerry Bobsien, which is making me think about taking up both surfing and ballet**
  • booked a trip to Sydney for late May – my first proper*** visit to my hometown since Christmas 2008!
  • began knitting little gifties to take on aforementioned trip.
Speaking of knitted goodies, today is the first time it’s been cold enough to break out the airy pink legwarmers and I must say they’re working a treat. I momentarily considered taking a photo as evidence of their a) pinkness and b) lairiness, but one adjective that definitely can’t be used to describe them is ‘flattering’. Every time I walk into the room, Big Orange Cat looks at them with a slightly alarmed expression, as if trying to decide whether they are friend or foe.

* as evidenced by the fact that a third of our last trip to Europe was spent visiting the battlefields and war cemeteries of northern France. Yes, really.
** a bit like when the gymnastics is on TV and I watch those tiny, weightless girls flipping all over the place and think, “That looks like fun, maybe I’ll give it a go”, and about as likely to happen, but still, surfing and dancing vicariously, yay!
*** read: longer than 1 day

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