April 12, 2010

What she's done lately

For the past couple of weeks blogging time has been replaced by stripping paint time, writing time and working time, but in honour of this morning's procrastination time, lately I've:
  • been following fellow Doggies (that's the Western Bulldogs AFL team, for non-Victorians - our local team) fan Kate Constable's concise and enlightening guide to How to tell the Bulldogs apart. Having officially been a Bulldogs fan since we moved west, I was a bit embarassed that the only player I could pick onscreen was Ackers (and if he ever stops dyeing his hair I'll be hard pushed there), Kate's guide came just in time for the 2010 season.
  • seen Micmacs at the fabulous Sun Theatre (they have chairs as big and deep as sofas, and I can stretch my legs all the way in front of me without touching the next row - heaven!). I quite liked it, except for the slightly treacly ending, but Mr Fantapants (who's a big fan of the director) was a bit disappointed.
  • been on nightly slug and snail patrol with Mr F to try to save our peas. lettuces and cabbage (singular - we can't afford to lose it!). I have a gastropod phobia that borders on pathological, so I'm in charge of holding the torch and spotting the blighters and then the brave Mr F takes over, armed only with a small trowel and a strong stomach. Our record so far has been 104 in a single night (unfortunately also the night before we started putting them in the bin in a sealed plastic bag, so the bin was full of them and they were all hell bent on escaping - the stuff of an molluscophobic's nightmares!).
  • banned myself from getting online before lunchtime because it's a time sucker and I' should be writing/stripping paint/working. Except this morning when I really needed to check on one small fact that's comepletely relevant and vital to what I'm writing. And then I thought I may as well check my email. And scan my blog feed reader for anything that may be of help with the writing. And write a blog post because it's been so long. Must. Unplug. Modem. Now!

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  1. Ha ha! Glad it's been useful, Aimee (though I did accidentally leave out Jarrod Harbrow). I actually did this at the request of Penni Russon who is another aspiring Dogs fan so I'm pleased someone has been reading it as well!