April 21, 2010

YA Community Thanksgiving

YA Community Thanksgiving is another great idea* from Adele at Persnickety Snark. Although I don't consider myself a YA blogger because I don't review YA books beyond saying what I'm reading, I am incredibly thankful to the YA blogging community that does.**

The photo below is of the current haul on my bedside, mostly courtesy of the Amazon gift voucher my very (very!) generous ex-colleagues gave me. As far as I know, most of these books haven't been published in Australia yet (one of my criteria for buying them from Amazon rather than a local independent bookstore*** - support your LIB!), so all I had to go on when I was choosing (and yes, it took HOURS) was blog reviews. For the reviews that helped me narrow my selection, my special thanks go to:
Thanks YA community!

* see also: vicarious paper cranes and Top 100 YA Novels
** of course, the YA community does much more than just review books, but in the interests of minimising today's already excessive blog procrastination time, I'm sticking to just giving thanks for one of the things I love about it
*** at this point, I feel compelled to mention that I did indeed purchase Surf Ache at my LIB


  1. Thanks Aimee! Please tell me you will read Going Too Far first...it's my favourite title of 2009 and I suspect you will adore it!

    Thanks for the support.

  2. And where did those glasses come from? :P Reviews are pretty good to rely upon, especially if the blogger has the same taste as the reader. :D

  3. awesome haul from Amazon. Will be awaiting reviews.

  4. Oh, I absolutely adored Cracked Up to Be! Such a great book! And such a wonderful post! I'm so in love with all the recommendations I get everyday, and it's nice to know all the one's I make aren't only affecting book bloggers. Thanks!

  5. Being Argentine, I can relate to the fact that these cool books we hear about for months, and then we read and blog about haven't been published here yet (most of the anyway) and that several of the ones I review come from the States, whether from an author/publisher, won in a GA, or as a gift from a friend.

    Great books you got there!
    Loved CUTB. And I'm dying to read GTF.