May 3, 2010

What she did: the birthday edition

Yesterday was my birthday. I must admit, I've reached an age* when birthdays come around with such alarming regularity** that it's a bit hard to get excited about them any more, but this year my birthday weekend was so, so lovely, that it made up for the fact that I'm a year older.

For starters, even though we've lived in Melbourne for almost four years, this was my first birthday at home***. Also, my mum was visiting, and she and Mr Fantapants made a big fuss of me and took me for a delicious dinner and made delicious birthday breakfast and took me to the Ian Potter Centre to see the Rupert Bunny exhibition and VCE Top Arts****. And, of course, there were some very lovely and spoilsome presents waiting for me*****.

But some of my best presents were Freia related:
  • Skip made Freia's brownies (possibly the best looking batch yet) and posted photos to the Facebook group
  • I finally got my hands on a copy of this month's Good Reading Magazine, to read their full review
  • the M/C Reviews website also gave Freia the thumbs up (including the font it's typeset in, which I found strangely touching).
I don't think birthdays get much better than that. Thank you to everyone who made it so special.

*37 - I know, oldoldold, look away, pretend you never saw!
** as opposed to when I was young and wanted to be Older and my birthday felt like it only came every 2 years
*** in 2008 we were in Napier, NZ, which was heaven, but last year we were on a plane back from the States, which - take my word for it - is quite the worst way to spend your birthday
**** an annual exhibition of the best art from the previous year's VCE, always chockers with interesting ideas and works of a ridonkulously high standard
***** some wrapped in personalised 'Aimee' paper - too, too special!

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