May 12, 2010

Highs and lows

Last week had its highs and lows. The lowest point was definitely the 72 hours after I spilt water on my laptop and had to leave it switched off with my fingers crossed that it would come back to life after drying out. Thankfully (especially since I hadn't saved any of the revisions I'd been working on for book2) it did.

The high point was a belated birthday celebration with friends on Sunday for which Mr Fantapants contructed this:

A squirrel cake! How lucky am I?? The cake was a feat of engineering, carefully constructed from vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and spaghetti (raw spaghetti, that is, which ran through the middle of it, to keep everything upright), all held together with royal icing.

By the time we'd all had seconds and thirds, all that was left was this:

Thanks Mr F!

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