June 15, 2010

What she made: socks and squares and bunnies, oh my

Lili Wilkinson's post today on making stuff reminded me that I've had knitting pics on my camera for ages, waiting to show off. The WIP is for a friend, so no photographic evidence until it's handed over, but recent projects have included:

Joan McGowan-Michael's Diamond Lace Socks from Vogue Knitting's Ultimate Sock Book*

Mitred squares for a wee blanky - I thought this self-striping cotton would be an easy way to bring out the mitred-ness of the squares, but now I'm concerned that they look a bit naff, so they might be frogged...

Snuggly bunnies for some of the many small, newish people who've arrived lately.

Knitting's my daily crafty activity, especially since I love to watch bad telly but can't bear to sit and do nothing but watch telly. I'll admit to being a fairly unadventurous (read: lazy) knitter - part of the meditative bliss of it for me is not having to keep track of rows and complicated stitch patterns, hence my love of the self-patterning sock yarn.

Sewing is something I think about all-the-freaking-time but don't get to do that much of, partly because it involves a lot more equipment, planning and back strain, and partly because it can only be done at the dining room table. If Mr Fantapants and I ever win the lottery**, a crafty-study type space is definitely on my Big House of My Dreams Wishlist.

* The book's title is apt - one of the very few knitting books I've forked over cold hard cash for and worth its weight in gold if you're sockily inclined.
** not that likely, since we rarelyrarely get around to entering, but Mr F did dream our 'lucky' numbers about 10 years ago, so hopefully his hitherto undiscovered pyschic abilities will be revealed soon.


  1. Bit jealous. My daughter (6) tried to teach me a few tricks today (she's knitting in class) she is V. disappointed in me. "Everyone at school has a mum who makes their jumpers for them and you don't make me anything." So I replied with the old "what about your bed. How many mothers at that school have made their kids a whopping big steel mermaid seaweed enhanted undersea Bed? Huh HUh??? How many?" she looked at me blankly. It didn't work. So I bought myself some knitting needles and when I bring them out to do another 'row' she looks at me like I am the mother she always wanted. I think I'm getting better.

  2. I'll teach you to knit if you teach me to weld :)

  3. Think of it like sewing...you cut things out then stick them together. Knitting is far more complicated...not a fair deal. I'd have to throw in some extras like a few sessions under the power hammer.