June 6, 2010

What she watched: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

I'm usually a bit disappointed by YA book-to-film adaptations*, so I wasn't expecting much from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging,** but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

What's to like:
  • Angus the cat (played by Benny AND Jimmy) is fabbityfafab and made me want to dress Big Orange Cat in a wee cowboy outfit
  • Georgia Groome makes a pretty good Georgia Nicolson and it's great to see a female lead who's on the normal side of slim, esp. in a teen movie
  • the parents, played by Alan Davies and Karen Taylor, were almost exactly like I imagined them
  • it's directed by Gurinda Chadha, who directed Bend it Like Beckham, and without being sexist/racist/any other bad -ist, is all the better for having a British woman at the helm***
  • the screenplay retains a lot of the voice of the books.
What's not to like:
  • it's such a small, pedantic point, but it bothered me that Tom and Robbie were suddenly twins
  • Jas (IMHO) was way more glamorous and worldly than in the books...and less likeable
  • Stalag 14 (aka Georgia's school) was suddenly co-ed and barely featured - understandable since the movie focused on the romance side of things, but many of my fave scenes in the books feature Slim and Herr Kaymer and the Ace Gang's school antics, so disappointing that almost all of that was lost.

*Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and The Princess Diaries, I'm looking at YOU
**especially since they changed the 'full frontal snogging' in the book title to 'perfect snogging', which made me fear it would be devoid of any of the cheeky red bottomosity that makes the Georgia Nicolson books
***which is not to say that men and people of all other nationalities don't make good movies, but Louise Rennison's books are particularly a) girly and b) Brit-y, so in this case, I think it's true

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