June 25, 2010

You know you're a Melburnian when...

...your first thought at the annoucement of the new PM is that you and the leader of your country barrack for the same football team.

Other things Julia and I have in common:
  • we're lefties
  • we're atheists
  • we're westies (sheesh, we're almost neighbours!)
  • we're unmarried
  • we're unchilded
  • we love rangas (well, presumably she loves being one, and I'm in love with one, so close enough).
Although I'd rather see Australia elect a female PM than have one voted in by a party caucus, I'm still pretty chuffed to have a chica in the top job. I just hope JG doesn't feel the need to become a female Tony Abbott to win what have become the all-important opinion polls.

One thing that has disappointed me is the inevitable focus on Julia's looks, that male politicians (unless they insist on parading around in their budgie smugglers) aren't subjected to. On The Circle this morning (don't judge me - it was background noise to my physio exercises...mainly) one of the presenters said in almost the same breath how fantastic it was to have a woman leading the country and that she was pleased to note JG's nice nails, and another commented that JG's skin looks good 'for her age'. Not. Helpful. To. The. Cause. Sisters.