July 26, 2010

E-books: not so scary after all

You know how something suddenly comes under your radar and then you begin to notice it everywhere you look? That's been me and ebooks over the last week.

It started when Mr Fantapants and I were wasting time in Borders as an alternative to being unfashionably early getting to a friend's place for dinner. At the front of the store was a desk, set up with stations where you could download ebooks to your reader. There weren't any customers at the desk, but it was there. Waiting. Ready.

Then, Nathan Bransford posted the Top 10 myths about our ebook future, and (as always) he made so much sense that it really got me thinking about how ebooks aren't the scary-thing-that's-going-to-take-over-from-my-favourite-bookstore, they're just another way of spreading the reading love.

THEN, I read Seth Godin's take on why the paperless publishing future is better for both consumers and prducers (if only producers would stop being so scared), not to mention the environment.

AND FINALLY, a good friend came to stay and brought her e-reader with her. It was about the size of a B-format paperback (the medium size paperback), it weighed about as much as an average novel, the screen was clear and crisp (even to my rubbish eyesight). And she had 78 books to choose from, depending on her mood.

Now I wants one!

July 19, 2010

Ace things that other people have made (while my making mojo is on hiatus)

It's not been a terribly producticve week chez Fantapants. There's a half-finished dress that's been sitting next to the sewing machine since last Wednesday; a half-finished scarf on my knitting needles, and a half-finished chapter of book3 that's been going nowhere for longer than I care to remember.

I don't know if it's the weather, or the lack of a deadline for any of these projects, or the number of hours I've spent snoozing on the couch with a certain (elderly) kitten, but I just can't seem to summon up the energy to finish anything at the moment. Thankfully, others have not been suffering from the same inertia...

Amna made a hilarious YA version of Post Secret.

Julie made a date for the election.

Vulture made an ace choose-your-own-adevnture guide to casting sensitive geeks (no surprise that I got Michael Cera - he'd be great for the geekguy in book2).

And finally, Kittens...inspired by Kittens (thanks Pip, I hadn't seen it yet either).

July 16, 2010

There's more to life than books...but not much more

For years I've avoided Etsy, fearing that it would be a slippery slope from treating myself to cute Scrabble-tile jewelry to deciding that what's missing in my life is some really fabulous handmade shoes. But when I saw this on Polka Dot Rabbit: Things I like today, I could resist no longer. Damn you and your excellent taste, Cate!

July 14, 2010

In defence of teenage boys

Thank you Lili Wilkinson for expressing with your usual panache what I've struggled with over many drafts of this post since reading Alexandra Adornetto's opinion piece in The Age, Why teenage boys suck more than vampires.

Aside from the issues I have with a controlling/obsessive/abusive character being held up as a romantic ideal, as commentors on the Age site pointed out - if a guy had written an equivalent piece, it wouldn't have been published. So what makes it okay to belittle teenage boys in the media?

July 12, 2010

Why books aren't the best bit of bookclub (even when the book's your own)

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to a meeting of the Younger Sun's bookclub, whose members had been reading Finding Freia as their book o' the month*. It was so much fun! The amazing Kate baked Freia's brownies and we talked about who Skeletor is** and how to pronounce Siouxsie** and (being a very polite group) everyone said nice things about the book.

But - like all good bookclubs - the most-fun parts of the afternoon weren't about the book. They were the tangents about spotting Johnny Depp lookalikes, and whether sports high schools punish the uncoordinated by making them do extra maths, and dressing up as Colombia for a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and which YA characters would make good boyfriends. Sigh...I miss being in a bookclub.

*allow me to pause in awesome wonder that people read my book...okay, done...for now
** the baddie in Masters of the Universe
*** Soo-zee -  named after Siouxsie Sioux