July 12, 2010

Why books aren't the best bit of bookclub (even when the book's your own)

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to a meeting of the Younger Sun's bookclub, whose members had been reading Finding Freia as their book o' the month*. It was so much fun! The amazing Kate baked Freia's brownies and we talked about who Skeletor is** and how to pronounce Siouxsie** and (being a very polite group) everyone said nice things about the book.

But - like all good bookclubs - the most-fun parts of the afternoon weren't about the book. They were the tangents about spotting Johnny Depp lookalikes, and whether sports high schools punish the uncoordinated by making them do extra maths, and dressing up as Colombia for a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and which YA characters would make good boyfriends. Sigh...I miss being in a bookclub.

*allow me to pause in awesome wonder that people read my book...okay, done...for now
** the baddie in Masters of the Universe
*** Soo-zee -  named after Siouxsie Sioux


  1. Dear Aimee,

    Thanks for signing my book! I LOVED IT! Sorry I couldn't be there I was in Tasmania.

    Love Alexandra

  2. I agree. We have arguments and never really get to discussing the book of the month sometimes. :D