August 5, 2010

The need to knead

I think it was watching an episode of The Good Life that triggered my sudden desire to bake bread. Usually I leave any yeast-based adventures to Mr Fantapants (who makes a mean pizza base), but for the past few months I've found myself dithering in the bread-flour section of the supermarket every time we shop, with visions of golden brown loaves, fresh from the oven. Then I'd think about the kneading and the fickleness of yeast and the general mess of it all and put the flour down and pick up our usual sliced loaf. But on Saturday we made a pilgrimage to the Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick to stock up on a few essential pantry items*, and when I saw the bread flour I knew that the time had come to conquer my fear.

A few encouraging words from a Baking Friend who's been baking her own for a year now, the simplest recipe I could find (as recommended by Baking Friend) and a few hours later, this emerged:

And now I think I'm hooked...

* squid in ink, calasparra rice, a bunch of dried oregano, lemon-stuffed olives for Mr F's martinis...all the essentails


  1. It may have been beginner's luck - I attempted a wholegrain loaf this weekend that was decidedly duck-sinker material :\