August 22, 2010

Things that cheered me up after a disappointing election (non)result

1. Baking bread - my first foray into both fresh yeast and wholemeal flour. Not sure how it's going to turn out (it's currently proving atop the gas heater) but pretending the dough was a certain politician's smug face during kneading certainly helped to relieve some of the stress brought on by thinking about what Australia will be like for the next few years if said smug politician manages to form a government.

2. John Green's latest vlog, which also made me really, really want to catalogue my library (aka the tiny bookshelf piled two deep, currently catalogued using the timeless if-you-can-cram-it-into-this-space-that's-where-it-lives technique).

3. Homemade dumplings for lunch - officially my favourite comfort food.

4. Walking in the sunshine - yes, it really is sunny in Melbourne today!

5. Knitting a pair of Susan's Opalicious Uni-solid Lace Socks using softsoft Crystal Palace bamboo soy yarn in a zappy green called 'wasabi'.

Off now to:
6. Knock the air out of risen dough while pretending it is a certain smug politician's face.

I have a feeling there may be a lot of baking chez Fantapants over the next week or so...

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