September 3, 2010

Music sins from my past

Pip's confession about the embarrassing soundtrack to her youth reminded me of some of my own aural sins. At around 13 I started to listen to what I still consider (although many may disagree) to be some pretty cool music (mainly The Smiths - because Morrissey understood my pain - and The Cure), but before then the field was wide open to some craptacular pop.

Aimee's embarrassing top 10 
(for bonus embarrassment, I paid good money to see the ones marked *)
  1. Duran Duran* (admission: I still have a soft spot for them, esp.since I found out they have a bookclub.)
  2. Hayzee Fantayzee
  3. The Human League
  4. Culture Club*
  5. Howard Jones*
  6. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
  7. Bananarama
  8. Spandau Ballet*
  9. Tears for Fears*
  10. Dr Hook
Possibly the weirdest thing about putting this list together is finding that most of these 'artists' not only still have official websites but are also still touring!

1 comment:

  1. That's a great list. That is my list of the 80's too pretty much, when I grew up & listened to proper stuff! lol Oh but take Dr Hook off & add INXS instead. Yay for Howard Jones! Yay for Culture Club! OH yay for Duran Duran. & the rest too!