September 21, 2010

What she made: bumper edition

So work on Book 2* has kind of stalled while I wait to find out who my new editor is, and work on Book 3 (which also has a name, but my working titles seem to be jinxed so I'm keeping it to myself for now) is coming along sloooowly because my brain is still living in Little Sister land. The upside of this suspended writing state is that it's given me some releatively guilt-free** time to spend making other things. Things like:

dumplings! (vego at the front, prawn and chive at the back, plus obligatory green veg)


golf balls!

I mean:

gnocchi! (Delicious in spite of their extreme size.)


Very Purple Person's faboo reversible bag!

I also got a bit stash-happy at the recent end-of-winter yarn sales, so everyone's getting knitted goods for Christmas this year. You have been warned!

* which I should stop calling Book 2 because it now has a name - Little Sister - and should be out next March, hurrah!
** actually, not at all guilt-free, but those are pretty good excuses, right?

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  1. Frustrating? any sign of new ed? I am all at sea...I need to finish No. 2 and CAN'T. I can't write the bloody last chapter. It's been too long. I've lost touch with Maddy and all her dreams. I'm a bad bad mother of characters. I should be reported for neglect. I'm being distracted by surfing, looking for a new job, fixing a little yacht and tending to our bees who have recently developed a habit of swarming. Oh and the children. You know...I have to feed them occassionally.