September 13, 2010

Where she went: daffs and laffs in Kyneton

On Saturday we went to Kyneton to have a nose around and go to their monthly farmer's market. Coincidentally it was also one of the big days in Kyneton's Daffodil and Arts Festival, as we discovered when the royal family walked passed us while we were looking for parking.

The market was quite small but we got very fresh vegies*, freerange eggs, local honey and a fantastic wholemeal sourdough loaf from Red Beard Bakery. (In retrospect I should have bought some of the delicious-looking local cheeses, too.) (And some of those yummy olives.)

We also got lucky at a couple of the town's op shops. I scored a copy of Traditional Knitting with Wool, published by the Australian Wool Corporation in 1982, from which I hope to finally learn how to read a fairisle pattern so that I can whip up some squirrel mittens next winter. We came across a couple of books whose titles probably wouldn't make the cut in 2010...well, definitely not the one on the left, anyway.

* going to markets like these always reminds me with a jolt just how un-fresh the veg we buy in city supermarkets is :(

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