October 4, 2010

A postcard from Seattle

Generally, the only mail to grace the Chez Fantapants letterbox is bills, so I was chuffed when the postie brought a postcard from Anna of little.red.boat. The postcard was sent as part of Anna's Snailr Project, in which she travelled 7000 miles around the USA by train and offered to send postcards from her trip to strangers.

I was even more chuffed to see that the postcard illustrated the 'types of moustache visible in gentlemen of the United States' and discovered that Mr Fantapants himself sports a (mini) 'Seattle':

Here's what the postcard said:
Interesting fact: The men of Seattle, Washington are an alarmingly over-groomed lot. I notice it first with one guy whose eyebrows have been plucked to within an inch of their lives, and whose hair looks like the painted-on helmet of a GI Joe. I assume he's an exception brought about by his equally well-manicured girlfriend; but five minutes later I spot another, hair hard and not one strand out of place, eyebrows too thin, too short, and with a constant look of startlement. And then I notice they're ALL like this. The men of Seattle have too much time (and moisturiser) on their hands. OFFICIAL.

Hehe, couldn't agree more. Thanks Anna.

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