December 2, 2010

What I learnt from NaNoReMo

So I failed NaNoReMo, just like I failed NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. But, like my NaNo failure, I did learn a couple of things:

Thing 1: reviewing is hard! Okay, I already suspected this, but attempting to write a mini review (if it could even be called that) of each book was tough. Aside from the always-tricky plot synopsis (which I cheated my way out of*) I often found it hard to put into words how I felt about the books I read and what I got out of them.

Given that most of my decisions to buy books** are based on reviews, I now have even more respect for the bloggers I rely on to help me spend my reading budget wisely.

Thing 2: reading is ace! And although I didn't reach my goal of reading 12 books in November,*** consciously making time to read instead of only allowing myself to get lost in a book on the bus or at bedtime meant that I could read without feeling guilty about the things I wasn't doing. (Hello, laundry, I haven't forgotten you completely.)

I think I'll leave the reviewing to the experts in future, but if you want to see my top books I list my favourites on Goodreads.

* Thank you, Goodreads :)
** Borrowing books from the library is much less fraught, but my book budget is fairly slim so I try to make sure that the books I pay for are going to be Keepers.
*** I made it to 9, it might have been 10 if I hadn't started re-reading Graffiti Moon (she said, defensively).


  1. My God - NINE - NINE! I am appalled at my current reading habits. You, on the other hand require much congratulations. I'm itching to read Grafitti Moon. Now that maddy is done and out in the land of pre-submission I am going to become a reader again. Snaps for amost making it! Nanoremically speaking.

  2. So much good YA, so little time!