January 29, 2011

Sports I could get into: Puppy Bowl

Don't worry, Puppy Bowl isn't anything to do with bowling puppies. From what Wikipedia tells me, it's shown in the States on the Animal Planet network, on the afternoon of the Super Bowl football game.

Basically, they put a lot of puppies (each representing the animal shelter they come from) on a model football field and let them run around together. Excellent! If I was a gambler, I'd back Max - I reckon those aerodynamic ears must give him some kind of advantage...

And this guy officially has the best job in the world.*

* After working in the sloth orphanage. And teaching baby otters to swim.


  1. we play a miniature version of this at my parents house quite often. you can come play if you want.

  2. I saw you have quite a team of golden labs!