January 13, 2011

Water, water everywhere

The news coverage of the devastating floods in Queensland has been distressing, to say the least. Even more distressing for an animal nerd like me has been the footage of animals stranded, swimming for their lives or drowned.

Like many people I know, every time I turn on the TV or read a news update I wish I could personally do more to help those who have been affected, but - for now* - I think the best we can do is to donate to the organisations that are already helping people, and whose work is vital to their immediate needs. If you don't already have a preferred charity to donate to, might I suggest:

 13/1/2011 ETA: If you want to do more, the most excellent Pip has posted a great round-up of crafty flood-benefit happenings and ideas at Meet Me at Mike's.

* There is already some discussion in YA circles about charity auctions and donating to libraries post clean-up, which will be great longer-term initiatives.

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