February 28, 2011

Star picks

Among the gems that Google Reader delivered me last week were:
  • Karen Tayleur's post on Maslow's Theory and bookstores (which, given my last post, certainly holds true for me, too)
  • according to Forever Young Adult, my signature cocktail is something called a La Cola Nostra. If I ever find out what 'pimento dram' is, I might try it.*
  • I personally hate Cadbury Creme Eggs (and the advertising campaign with them offing themselves in gleefully violent ways disturbs me), but if you're going to eat the evil little buggers you may as well make them youself.
  • Molly O'Neill's post, and the video that inspired it, made me cry a little. In a good way, mostly.

** Or I might not...there's something about the name that's putting me off - I think it reminds me a little too much of 'colonoscopy'.

February 27, 2011

Excuses to buy books

Borders going into adminstration reminded me that it's been a while since I visited my favourite local independent bookstore. I would be too, too sad if The Sun Bookshop or (worser) The Younger Sun closed, so I figured I'd better do my bit and support them with my business.*

Luckily I went in with a strict shopping list, because it took all my self control not to come out with a trolley-load of books.

I got this
because EVERYONE in the blogosphere has raved about how great it is.

And this
because both Kate and Steph gave it excellent reviews.

Now I just have to decide which to read first...

* If all this sounds like I'm trying to justify buying books, you're right - I've curbed my book buying this year because I'm trying to save my pay to take a couple of months off the Day Job and get stuck into my next book.

February 21, 2011

My name is Aimee and I am a blog addict*

Where other people's online crack is Twitter or Facebook, my own weakness is blogs and Google Reader is my dealer. Every day it delivers around 125 new posts on everything from who wore what to the BAFTAS to highlights from the Nancy Drew Cookbook, and of course lots of bookish and writerly news.

And it's ace, but it's quite hard to keep up with and I inevitably start reading a long and involved post and then the phone rings or the cat wants feeding or (heaven forbid) I have to do some real work and I star it to come back to and rarely do.

Today I accidentally hit the 'recently starred link' on my GReader homepage and was presented with a slew of articles that I'd either meant to get back to, or email to a friend justforlaffs, or refer to again in the future, and - lo and behold- they were really interesting! But I'd never gotten back to them because I have the memory of a forgetful gnat. So, from today, on Mondays I'm going to spend some time with my star picks and - ever the oversharer - I thought you might find something interesting in them too.

My star picks for the week of 14 February:
* Not a bloggING addict, as the scarcity of recent posts will attest.

February 14, 2011

Unfunny Valentines

I have bad memories of Valentine's Days of my youth, to put it mildly. For my first few years of high school, VDay was spent gazingly longingy at the half-dead roses paraded from class to class by girls who not only had boyfriends but had boyfriends who they met at the station before school. And it didn't matter that I thought VDay was a load of bollocks or that their boyfriends were idiots, they had Someone.

On Valentine's Day in Year 10, I finally had Someone. At least at the beginning of the day. We'd only been going out for a few weeks (and he'd been at a school camp for a week of that, so really we barely knew each other at all), and I wasn't in love with him and I didn't think we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. But I did think on that I might get a half-dead rose to call my own, or at least a flowery card with a poem in it*.

Instead I got dumped. Over the phone.** And while I was trying not to cry like a hysterical Girl, he quoted a song that he thought summed up our relationship and why it had to end.

Adolescent Heartbreaker: You know 'This one goes out to the one I love' by REM?
Aimee: Yeah
AH: You know when he sings, 'This one goes out to the one I love/This one goes out to the one I've left behind/A simple prop to occupy my time'?
Aimee: Yeah.
AH: I guess you were my simple prop.
Aimee: But it's Valentine's Day.
AH: Yeah. Sorry about that.

The moral of this story? Don't go out with plonkers who quote Michael Stipe.

funny pictures of cats with captions

* He did have form for writing angsty poems about love, so this wasn't as unrealistic as it may sound.
** This was back in the dark ages before you could dump someone via text message or IM or by changing your relationship status on Facebook back to 'single' - all avenues that I'm sure this boy would have taken if the technology had been invented back then.

February 7, 2011

Many hoppy returns

Image from Disapproving Rabbits. I believe this fellow is called Toby...

The Year of the Rabbit has just begun! Apparently this is a year of the metal hare...I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound as cuddly as I like my bunnies to be.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit you could:
* Hopefully it's more optimistic than mine which says that Mr Fantapants (a fellow Ox) and I can look forward to hard work, little reward and not much fun. It also warns "you may prone to insomnia or accidental mass annihilation". Sounds like it could be a tiring, dangerous year Chez Fantapants!