February 7, 2011

Many hoppy returns

Image from Disapproving Rabbits. I believe this fellow is called Toby...

The Year of the Rabbit has just begun! Apparently this is a year of the metal hare...I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound as cuddly as I like my bunnies to be.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit you could:
* Hopefully it's more optimistic than mine which says that Mr Fantapants (a fellow Ox) and I can look forward to hard work, little reward and not much fun. It also warns "you may prone to insomnia or accidental mass annihilation". Sounds like it could be a tiring, dangerous year Chez Fantapants!


  1. that was very depressing - pigs this year are in the poo more than ever... i'm going to get sick and be poor and have people gossip about me in the workplace.

    am off to make bunny slippers to cheer myself up.

  2. Depressing indeed. I notice that the Wayang Times bills itself as a ourveyor of 'funny and entertaining Asian news', so perhaps it is an attempt at Onion-type humour that got lost in translation? We can only hope!