February 21, 2011

My name is Aimee and I am a blog addict*

Where other people's online crack is Twitter or Facebook, my own weakness is blogs and Google Reader is my dealer. Every day it delivers around 125 new posts on everything from who wore what to the BAFTAS to highlights from the Nancy Drew Cookbook, and of course lots of bookish and writerly news.

And it's ace, but it's quite hard to keep up with and I inevitably start reading a long and involved post and then the phone rings or the cat wants feeding or (heaven forbid) I have to do some real work and I star it to come back to and rarely do.

Today I accidentally hit the 'recently starred link' on my GReader homepage and was presented with a slew of articles that I'd either meant to get back to, or email to a friend justforlaffs, or refer to again in the future, and - lo and behold- they were really interesting! But I'd never gotten back to them because I have the memory of a forgetful gnat. So, from today, on Mondays I'm going to spend some time with my star picks and - ever the oversharer - I thought you might find something interesting in them too.

My star picks for the week of 14 February:
* Not a bloggING addict, as the scarcity of recent posts will attest.

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