February 28, 2011

Star picks

Among the gems that Google Reader delivered me last week were:
  • Karen Tayleur's post on Maslow's Theory and bookstores (which, given my last post, certainly holds true for me, too)
  • according to Forever Young Adult, my signature cocktail is something called a La Cola Nostra. If I ever find out what 'pimento dram' is, I might try it.*
  • I personally hate Cadbury Creme Eggs (and the advertising campaign with them offing themselves in gleefully violent ways disturbs me), but if you're going to eat the evil little buggers you may as well make them youself.
  • Molly O'Neill's post, and the video that inspired it, made me cry a little. In a good way, mostly.

** Or I might not...there's something about the name that's putting me off - I think it reminds me a little too much of 'colonoscopy'.

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