March 21, 2011

Star picks - Japan edition

I first found out about the earthquake in Japan about three hours after it happened. Mr Fantapants and I were catching up with some friends after work and chat turned to travel plans for the year, to which I responded that we were hoping to finally get to Japan (a destination that's been high on our wishlist for the past 10 years!). My friend looked at me as if she wasn't sure whether I was being serious before informing me that we'd better make other plans.

Watching the news unfold over the last week has been heartwrenching. So many villages completely destroyed; so many people's lives ripped apart. A number of bloggers I follow helped me to begin processing the ongoing devestating events in Japan:
  • Novita (aka ::verypurpleperson::) has written some extraordinary posts sharing her family's experiences in and after the quake. She's also participating in A Bit of This and A Bit of That's Japan Quake Appeal - you have until 26 March to make a donation to Global Giving and bid on Novita's gorgeous bag and purse, plus an original artwork by her husband
  • Lili Wilkinson's post helped to put my feelings in perspective (and delivered the very welcome news that Maru and her family are safe and well!)
  • Hank Green helped me get my head around the nuclear disaster*
  • Pip reminded me that the most practcal and effective way to help those affacted is by making a donation.
It was a bit of a roug week, and to be honest I'm quite glad to see it end. Hopefully this week will bring all of us, everywhere, something to feel optimistic about.

* Kind of. I'm afraid I still have an instant nod-off reflex when people start talking about atoms and fission and such - it transports me straight back to the Year 10 Science lab.

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