March 7, 2011

Star picks

Blog posts starred in my google reader this week...
  • I want a writing hut. I really do.
  • I will be playing Forever Young Adult's Anne of Green Gables drinking game as soon as I can round up a few bosom friends and a bottle of Aunt Marilla's cordial.
  • YA Highway dissected the YA Mafia hysteria conspiracy theory rumour and Justine Larbelestier came out of her RSI-imposed blogging exile to call on authors to embrace bad reviews.*
  • Emma Barrie's confessions of things she never told her parents made me chuckle...and feel guilty (but we all know we lied for our parents' own good).
  • Fiona at Words and Flavours posted about first times - the ones we remember and the ones we don't.
  • Cory Doctorow's article in The Guardian about information overload made me feel better about occasionally hitting the 'mark all as read' button.
And I remembered how much I love this

* In fact, according to the Stanford Daily, bad reviews may increase sales.

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