March 28, 2011

Star picks

Starred blog posts in my Google reader this week:
  • Ceilidh's post on the Book Lantern about why we need to challenge the default (straight/white) mode in books.
  • Forever Young Adult's musical plea to YA book cover designers (Chopped-up photos of pretty girls/ Floating mouths, disembodied curls/ Book’s worth its weight in pearls/ But DAMN, it looks embarrassing).
  • Karen Tayleur's post on recurring themes in her writing got me thinking (I'm still working on my list - I suspect it's much easier when you've written as many books as Karen has!)
  • Pip at Meet Me At Mike's is sending herself to online book buying rehab (there are some interesting comments on the 's post, too, comparing the book pricing war with the supermarket cheap milk bunfight).
  • Meg Rosoff wrote about the misconception that writers gad about all day enjoying while their books write themselves (if only!).
  • Suave word nerds from Mighty Red Pen.
Aaaand...a baby squirrel who purrs

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