March 15, 2011

Tales from the Fantapants Archive - 15 March 1982

The upside of Mama Fantapants* being a hoarder so sentimental is that every so often she unearths a gem from Mr Fantapants' childhood and shares it with us. Last week, a small exercise book arrived in the mail. It was my beloved's class diary from - I think - fifth grade.

His entry for 15 March 1982 pretty much sums up how I spent the Labour Day long weekend...*

I spent almost the entire weekend proofreading a chunky sci-fi/alt history novel, which is completely outside of my usual genre of reading and was surprisingly enjoyable. (And counts as an adult novel in my new year's resolutions tally - huzzah!)

* At the risk of sounding like Mama Fantapants herself, that's a pretty excellent drawing for a nine-year-old, don't you think?

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