April 4, 2011

Star picks

Starred posts in my Google blog feed last week included:
  • many posts celebrating Shaun Tan's Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award win, but none sweeter than Shaun's own
  • Khyrinthia of Frenetic Reader wrote about whether book bloggers sell books and why it doesn't (and shouldn't) matter to bloggers
  • Steph Su reflected on tru luv teen romance in YA
  • Ryan Novelline made a ballgown out of Little Golden Book covers (scroll down for photos of the construction process - incredible!) (via the Hairpin)
  • Forever Young Adult preached the gospel of YA (like Sister Erin, I was saved by Meg Cabot)

And...I'm not quite sure what this is all about, but spending a night writing in the beautiful New York Public Library sounds pretty-freaking-amazing:

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