April 11, 2011

Star picks

Sparkling gems from my blog feeds last week:

  • As if being included on the 2010 White Ravens list announced at the Bologna Children's Book Fair wasn't exciting enough, I spotted a copy of Finding Freia in Alien Onion's report of the fair! Not sure whether to be chuffed or slightly depressed that my book is on its way to being better travelled than I am...
  • Bibliophile Brouhaha joined the growing call for 'older' YA. It'll be interesting to see where this goes - I can see it taking off in the US in a big way.
  • Persnickety Snark reminded me how much I loved Press Gang (although I must admit I watched it more for Spike than for Lynda).
  • Amanda Palmer's post on going to an under-appreciated Duran Duran gig is 100% pure AP, with a dose of meeting Simon le Bon (and touching!) thrown in for good measure - long but hilarious, esp. for old school DD fans like me.* (Language warning if you're sensitive/surrounded by nosy parkers whose eyes are magnetically drawn to every four-letter word on your screen.)
  • Tahereh's post comparing getting published with being naked in the middle of KMart struck a chord, esp. since it's only three weeks till Little Sister comes out. I'm getting more excited by the day, but also nervous that people will think my new baby is hideous.
  • Forever Young Adult got shat upon for alluding to what turned out not to be the script of the Hunger Games movie. All I can think is that if the movie studio had been smarter they would have recognised the huge potential of using FYA to reach their audience.
  • Meet Me at Mike's drew my attention to Knittas - cosying things up for a more positive future.
* Also, did you know that Neil Gaiman wrote a DD biography? I'm on a quest to find a copy!

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  1. We have read your new book! In advance! We're even more excited about the Younger Sun book party! Go Aimee!