April 26, 2011

Star picks

I can't believe it's already Tuesday! This long-long weekend business is all very well and good, but my to-do list didn't get the relax-it's-a-holiday memo and is chiding me with its many unticked boxes. A few of the blog posts that distracted me from what should have been the business at hand last week were:
  •  The Tales Compendium's review of Little Sister - the first review (as far as I'm aware) of my new book. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the title in my Google reader list!
  • news that Morrissey's autobiography is almost ready to go (although I can't help feeling a tiny bit sorry for his editor-to-be - I imagine Moz has some pretty firm ideas about retaining editorial control of his 600-odd page tome)
  • Josh Berk's explanation of gefilte fish, that unloved Passover staple
  • Pip's not cross buns, which Mr Fantapants and I attempted to make (I did the measuring and he did the kneading because of my bung shoulder) - ours didn't turn out quite so photogenically and were a bit tough heavy dense, but making them together was fun
  • discovering Cute Roulette (warning: may lead to extreme procrastination in animal lovers).

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